Online Company Stores

Tailored Company Stores creates internal company stores to simplify your management tasks. Our platform’s comprehensive features allow you to make sales and marketing collateral accessible to relevant people while maintaining brand and budget control.

Utilize our time-saving technology and dedicated support team to improve your business operations. We can help you ensure that everyone ordering from your store gets only the best products that follow your brand guidelines. Get in touch to learn more.

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All-in-One Online Store Platform

We combine a feature-rich store platform, plus the following benefits:

  • Digital asset management tools
  • Superior production of all types of marketing collateral
  • Dedicated team to create turn-key, end-to-end solutions

So, whether you need to manage all your marketing collateral in one store system or just an employee store, we provide an online store that makes your branded items accessible while giving you complete control over your brand. Our team manages the orders, ensures all is produced according to brand guidelines, and follows through all the way to delivery.

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What Could an Online Company Store Do for You?

Your new online company store can come with any or all of the following features and benefits:

Make More Logo Merchandise Available

We have partnerships with the best sources for branded merchandise, allowing us to put your logo on just about anything. Our offers include a wide selection of retail apparel brands featuring your logo and an online print shop that supplies nearly anything printed on paper, plus stickers, signs, and banners. In addition, no inventory is required since many items can be produced on demand in quantities as few as one.

Corporate Company Stores for Everything Branded

Imagine sending everyone to one site for complete access to everything about your brand. Manage everything including your digital asset library, company swag, logo apparel, and printing. Our Corporate Brand Stores provide all the technology and services you need to manage your brand usage and appearance across multiple media channels easily.

You can manage your digital assets and content with more access and control. Local marketing staff and other relevant teams can simply log in, choose from pre-approved marketing materials, customize templates according to predetermined business rules, and order print and promotional materials. Meanwhile, corporate maintains control over the brand.

Utilizing one store for all your sales & marketing collateral makes it possible to control budgets for individuals or cost centers and get up-to-date reports for decision making. See inventory levels and usage for comprehensive tracking without worrying about where everything goes.

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Employee Online Store

Motivate your company’s employees by recognizing their efforts through rewards and incentives. You can implement such programs easily with an online company store that offers branded merchandise for employees. Your store can serve as your employees’ source for one-time or ongoing incentives.

Gift Certificate Codes & Discount Codes

Gift certificate codes and discount codes are related strategies. Such programs can be in line with company wide accomplishments or milestones, giving employees a discount on your store’s branded items. Customize how you want your employees to enjoy their discount, whether for a dollar amount or a percentage off their orders. Plus, you can set the code’s validity to motivate employees to claim the promo soon.

Whether you are celebrating your company’s anniversary, a holiday, or a specific employee’s excellence, gift codes serve as great motivational tools while promoting your brand. Our gift code functionality gives you the option to subsidize costs of items for an easy and convenient transaction.

Apparel & Uniform Store

Managing order processes from orders to distribution for apparel and uniforms can be a hassle to oversee. You must be sure to fulfill every order correctly and quickly, which can be challenging with tons of forms, inquiries, and complaints involved.

Our platform relieves you of this burden. Eliminate the stress and confusion from your team and allow our experts to simplify the process. You no longer need forms and manual proceedings. Simply select the items you wish to feature and we take care of the rest. We will customize our systems to match your goals, from budget allocation to cost subsidization.

We can add your logo to a wide range of popular retail brands that your employees will want to proudly wear and boost their engagement.

Franchise Supplies Store

Online company stores make implementing franchisee programs and distributor & dealer stores easy. You can centralize your logoed apparel, uniform, and promotional products to ensure all franchisees and company locations across the country remain updated with your main operations. This centralization promotes brand consistency and improves your company’s focus. In addition, the competitive pricing discourages rogue franchisees from ordering from other sources.

Distributor & Dealer Stores

At the same time, online company stores build recognition for your company by helping distributors and dealers boost sales of your branded products. These companies will have access to your approved apparel and items for co-branding purposes that could build a strong partnership. Centralization even allows you to set up specific marketing dollar budgets for top performers so these other companies have giveaway promotional items.

Discounted Group Purchasing

Our custom online company store solutions support bulk orders. We can easily manage customers who order together but would prefer to pay and ship separately. Discounts reflect on orders immediately.

Custom Online Storefront

For all our stores, we will customize your online storefront appearance that remains consistent with your website or brand. Your store will have its own URL and can be password protected. Our platform offers a hassle-free shopping experience that gives you the convenience you need to meet your business goals, while giving your employees optimal functionality and security when making purchases.

No Inventory Required

We offer thousands of items that can be ordered on demand in quantities as few as one. This allows you to avoid pre-purchasing larger quantities when you don’t know how much demand there will be and often reduces waste.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

For high-demand items that need to ship the next day, you can produce in bulk and we will store them in our warehouse. Bulk production and warehousing can significantly reduce costs depending on the quantity and item. Our team can run cost comparisons to advise on the best way to go for your items.

Rest assured that our storage facilities and order fulfillment features are secure for a seamless ordering experience. Orders placed on your store flow through to the warehouse floor for accurate and quick shipment.

Events & Tradeshow Swag Distribution

A Tailored Company Store can simplify fulfilling your event team’s regular need for banners, displays, and promotional giveaways. Simplify your process by harnessing features that allow quick access to branded materials, direct shipment to your event, and logistics return for reusable materials.

The Tailored Company Stores Difference

We are ready to help you establish an efficient online company store with minimal effort on your end. Our platform manages orders, inventory, and fulfillment for your corporate identity materials.

At Tailored Company Stores, we are flexible. Expect a team ready to customize solutions that suit your unique style and preferences.

We are confident that our internal company stores platform will meet all your expectations in simplifying your management tasks. Learn more about what makes us the best choice for your online company store.