Corporate Brand Store

Looking for a total brand management solution that goes beyond a typical online company store? Our Corporate Brand Stores provide all the technology and services you need to manage your brand usage and appearance across multiple media channels easily and efficiently.

With our team at Tailored Company Stores managing your entire company store processes, you can focus on your primary operations. You will have one site for everything, including:

  • Ordering Branded Items
  • Image Library and Digital Asset Management
  • Access Levels & Automated Approval Systems
  • Accurate Reports & Budgets

Overcome the production challenges of controlling your brand appearance with Tailored Company Stores. We produce all your branded items strictly according to your brand guidelines. Consider our experts to support your management and fulfillment tasks to take a load off your team.

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Complete Marketing Collateral Management Platform

The Tailored Company Stores platform allows you to manage all aspects of your marketing collateral. With our comprehensive services, you can customize collateral, download your assets, create digital content, and buy physical goods conveniently in one place.

Our quick and easy solution benefits both the micro and macro levels of brand management. On the micro level, everyone involved in your business can customize promotional materials while the corporate maintains brand control. Simplify the jobs of local marketing staff and franchise managers with a management platform.

Meanwhile, Tailored Company Stores benefit the macro level of your company’s branding efforts by giving you control over access, expenditures, and usage. We can achieve all of this while maintaining brand consistency.

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Digital Asset Management & Brand Control

Create a digital asset management (DAM) center on your online company store to easily upload your marketing image library, customize, organize, share, and distribute files.

Design teams spend inordinate time accommodating requests for files, files with minor revisions, and multiple rounds of approvals.

With a DAM center on your store, unlimited users can have folder permission controls to only access specific files. Templates with specific areas for local market adjustments allow users in their fields to make edits. You can approve or reject these edits and add comments without having to download files.

The easy-to-use system increases productivity greatly by giving cloud access to field users while maintaining control of your brand.

Custom Branded Gear

We can produce any branded gear and employee apparel you have purchased before. Plus, our team of specialists can suggest new items for your next campaigns in upcoming seasons. With our wide selection of popular retail brands that we can customize according to your preferences, you can stay relevant and sport the current styles. Browse over 500,000 items in our promo products store.

Employee Apparel & Uniforms

We simplify the process of ordering uniforms and apparel for your employees. With our platform, you can easily subsidize costs to fund your employees’ expenses in part or in full, grant people in certain positions access to approved options, and automate the approval process to make items available to designated employees. Control how you want your employees to interact with your website with minimal effort.

Print Collateral

Apart from merchandise that you can use to promote your company, we specialize in leave-behind marketing materials. If it involves ink, we print it at very competitive prices. Allow us to promote your products and services through high-quality print collateral, such as business cards, brochures, calendars, catalogs, flyers, notepads, pamphlets, and postcards.

On-Demand Production Or Warehouse Fulfillment

With our on-demand production services, your store can offer a wide variety of items without worrying about upfront inventory costs. On-demand production usually takes between 3 and 10 business days (depending on the item). Orders for warehoused items can automatically flow through from your store to the warehouse floor and are shipped the next day. Our team is also ready to collaborate on the most cost-effective solutions and determine whether on-demand production or warehouse fulfillment is better for a specific item.

Flexible Payment Options & Reports

You can customize payment methods and budget access by user to capture all the information your finance team might need. All information from orders will be accessible to the teams in charge of analyzing it. Specific users can access the information quickly and make decisions. Quick access to purchase information also helps you build reports, including order history, current inventory, and user lists easily.

The Tailored Company Stores Difference

Our corporate company stores uniquely provide total Marketing Collateral Management and Digital Asset Management in one branded storefront site. Simply put, your new corporate company store allows you to send everyone to one place for complete access and management – including your digital asset library.

You will see efficiency and user satisfaction increase with quick access to your brand assets that can have limited self-customization. The pre-set controls take the stress out of brand usage policing and budget expense concerns. All these benefits reduce unnecessary workloads from the marketing department so your company proceeds to more significant projects.

When everyone purchases everything branded from one site with products produced by one source attentive to guidelines, your brand consistency likewise improves. With our team backing your processes, you will have a dedicated account representative. Learn more about what makes an ideal selection for your corporate brand store solutions by downloading our free guide today.


Q: Can you match prices paid in the past for marketing materials?

A: Yes. Just send us a copy of your most recent invoice and we will match pricing on your previous order (allowance for inflation in some cases).

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