Company Store Enterprise Program Agreement

Free Company Store Set-up and Store Maintenance with Prepaid Credit On Account - $10,000 annual renewal

Annual Minimum Purchases: $50,000 (purchases prorated each calendar year)

Customer prepaid credit on account can be used for future company store purchases including gift cards, company-paid apparel discounts, or any other product or service Provider offers. Unused credit is not refundable. The credit amount is to be replenished by the anniversary date of the agreement for each year the store is in operation.

Once the Provider receives a signed proposal and full payment, the Customer will be contacted. Apparel and product selection, pricing structure, brand guidelines, and the initial site navigation review will be scheduled with the Customer and typically takes 2-3 weeks. As soon as these steps are addressed and approved, the final store can be ready for orders within another 2-3 weeks. Rush times can be arranged if needed.

Store Objective
To enable Customer's employees and management to shop a wide selection of branded apparel, promotional products, and print and have Provider manage the store, decorate products, and fulfillment/shipping. Shoppers will be required to shop online and check out with a credit card, PayPal, and/or an approved discount code.

The Enterprise Program includes 100 products with one (1) corporate logo in the standard branding decoration color(s). All items will be shown and produced consistent with the Customer's brand image and guidelines. The Provider will work with the Customer to choose products and colors (limit 5 colors per product) and will offer a range of sizes. If the Customer prefers that every color of every product be shown with the main logo and colors or if additional logo designs and colors are desired, the Customer may purchase them for an additional $15 per product (max. 3 logo designs per product).

If additional items are desired, either prior to store opening or after commencement, the Customer may purchase them for an additional $50 per item following the same guidelines as the initial 100 products.

A single combined price, including decoration, will be displayed for each item on the store. For most embroidered apparel items, the Customer's cost of apparel will be the Provider’s published retail price plus $8 per location for embroidery in the customer's custom color(s) with a maximum of 10,000 stitches. Embroidery on bags, totes, backpacks, and other larger products will incur a higher charge.

If the Customer wants to pay for a portion of employee-provided apparel or merchandise, online prices will reflect the employee's price (i.e. $10, $15, etc.) and the Customer will be invoiced for the difference of each item sold, prepaid prior to production. In addition, if desired, Customer can cover the cost of shipping and be billed for that as well.

Gift cards will be available for management to purchase online and can be used for any available online product for new employees, incentives, anniversaries, holiday gifts, door prizes, etc.

The most up-to-date apparel selection, blank pricing, and inventory can be found in the Provider's online apparel catalog. For other brands not reflected in the catalog as well as other promotional or print products that the Customer wants to buy or sell online, the Provider will work with them for the best selection and pricing.

Embroidered Apparel Samples
Once the embroidery design is approved by the Customer, the Provider will decorate and ship 15 free samples (maximum $75 value per piece) to one (1) location for preproduction approval and promotional purposes. Additional undecorated samples may also be ordered upon request at standard retail pricing minus the decoration fee (shipping additional).

Customer Service
The Customer and their employees will be able to contact the Provider via chat as well as by phone or email. Questions and concerns will be addressed as quickly as possible to achieve resolution. All sales and fulfillment will be handled by the Provider to relieve the Customer of issues connected to the store.

Production and Delivery
The Customer's store will be available 24/7 for individual orders and shipping will be charged at current standard ground rates. Current production time for individual orders is approx. 12 business days from receipt of each individual order, pending any issues with inventory.  

Special combined group ordering can be setup for FREE SHIPPING to multiple locations with a minimum of 12 pieces per location. Current production time for group orders is approx. 20 business days from the closing date of each group order special.

Apparel Return Policy
Decorated items cannot be returned except in the case of a manufacturing defect. Size charts are available on the store. ALL SALES FINAL

Invoicing and Transparency
Individual order confirmations will be sent to each employee and can also be emailed to one (1) custom email. During group ordering or when the Customer must pay a portion of employee purchases, the Provider will provide a report of items and an invoice to be prepaid prior to production. Quarterly sales reports will be sent via email.

Process to Discontinue Store Services
Either the Customer or the Provider may discontinue the store with 60 days advance written notice. Accounts are to be settled without additional fees for discontinuing.

While the Provider strives to provide the quickest production time, production time has varied since the beginning of COVID-19 as well as low inventory or unavailable stock. Because of this, the Provider has chosen to work closely with the Customer to reduce errors and delivery and will update the store with current production times.

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