Company Apparel Store for Employees

Company Apparel Store For Employees

Managing an employee apparel store is hard work. Management activities usually involve multiple hassles, including order placement and payment collection. Managing orders can also be time-consuming, with the potential for errors and the extra work trying to get paid.

Consider Tailored Company Stores for your employee apparel store management needs. Handling company store uniforms and apparel is much easier with a dedicated team overseeing the entire process than working on employee shirts alone.

With our technology and superior processes, we can help eliminate the heavy lifting from your end. Simply choose your corporate styles and colors, and we cover the rest. We can also suggest updates to your company apparel store for employees to keep your people updated on the latest styles as they become available.

Leave the inventory work to us and focus on your company’s core competencies. We can handle all customer services, including orders and payments. Rest assured that all apparel orders, from employee shirts to uniforms, ship to their locations directly and safely.

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Wide Selection of Retail Brands for More Employee Shirts

At Tailored Company Stores, we offer the widest selection of popular retail brands employees love to wear. We also make these clothes available in the widest range of sizes, guaranteeing apparel for customers of all body types.

Brands matter to customers, whether they are meant for employees or otherwise. Our wide selection of retail brands gives your consumers more options to personalize their apparel carrying your company name. Give your employees the chance to select company store uniforms that fit their brand loyalties, guaranteeing an improved employee participation rate.

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Employee Apparel Store With Flexible Payment Solutions

We provide highly flexible payment solutions to accommodate every customer. We want to provide as many ways to work out whatever is needed regarding payment.

Our platform grants you the option to subsidize your employee’s apparel cost in part or in full. Your employees can pay any remaining balance with a credit card at check-out.

Our technology also supports gift code solutions for orders employees place on your store. We can program your store to accept special codes for:

  • New Employees
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Work Anniversaries
  • Incentives
  • Door Prizes

We adjust with your company’s operations. Allow Tailored Company Stores to set up your unique company apparel store for employees. We aim to make the entire process easy for company owners and employees ordering. With accessible options, employees are happier and typically have fewer complaints.

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Group Orders for Company Store Uniforms

Tailored Company Stores supports group orders for company store uniforms and employee shirts. We can help your company set up its store to allow group orders and reach more customers with fewer orders.

This streamlined method may also offer free shipping to encourage bigger orders. Large group orders can be convenient for larger companies with more potential customers interested in company apparel. The free shipping perk serves as an incentive that benefits everyone involved.

Like every other order a customer places on your company apparel store, we can handle group orders. We are confident with our streamlined process to ensure all orders, big or small, find their correct recipients.

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Order Employee Shirts on Demand

Allow us to set up your store to support on-demand orders. We can support orders for as few as one for new employees and similar conditions.

With this option, customers can order apparel as they see fit. Although they can place bulk orders ahead of time, having the option to buy company store uniforms at their most convenient time is good.

Some customers may appreciate on-demand ordering options for having the ability to individually customize their apparel. However, it may take longer to ship since on-demand orders must go through regular production.

Still, these types of orders carry no warehousing fees. With Tailored Company Stores, you can leave such fees, or lack thereof, for us to handle.

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Employee Apparel Store Swag

As you allow us to help you set up your company apparel store for employees, we give you the freedom to personalize your store as you see fit. We simply support your store going live. You have all the free reign to add company swag and anything else you may want to make available to your employees.

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Promotional Graphic Links

At Tailored Company Stores, we help you ensure that your company apparel store for employees succeeds. Among our strategies is to provide promotional graphic links. With these, you can promote your store in emails, giving shoppers the convenience to click and visit your store instantly.

We update these graphic links periodically, ensuring you stay on top of the latest trends in apparel products. We can help you promote each development as the new season arrives, targeting the best consumers in your clientele.

We design the graphic and store website to match your overall website. This strategy ensures your brand consistency.

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The Tailored Company Stores Difference

No other service can help set up your company apparel store for employees in a simple and hassle-free process as we can. At Tailored Company Stores, we tailor our services according to your store. We are confident that our flexible solutions meet and exceed all expectations.

We help you manage your store’s customer service. You can rely on our systems to handle all orders and payments while resting assured that every customer gets quality services. Tailored Company Stores ensures you are:

  • On brand
  • On budget
  • On-time
  • On-demand or Warehouse

All these efforts lead to the primary benefit of keeping your employees happy with a convenient and flexible employee apparel store. Happy employees stay motivated and contribute to your staff retention strategy. Set up your company apparel store for employees with Tailored Company Stores today.

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