Webcam Swivel Cover

This ultra-thin webcam cover protects your security and privacy and prevents webcam spying. Simply place your finger on the tab and lift your finger to hide and unhide the web camera. The thin lifting tab allows for easy access to the web camera to be open or locks your webcam to prevent those hackers and prying eyes. Be SECURE in knowing that your kids and family are not being looked at through the webcam. 1.387"w x .637"h

Fits most smartphones, Smart TV's, laptops, PCs, and Tablets and any 3rd party external webcams.

Customize with 1 or 2 color direct print, or full-color digitek, even full bleed digital print!

Webcam Cover disclaimer:

• 3M adhesive used on this product. Must clean surface thoroughly before adhering webcam cover to it.
• Samsung S8 / iPhone 8/Plus and newer phones with the back glass surface. These phones are made of a glass material and the adhesive glue will not work on this material. For this product, a case must be used if the phone has a glass back surface. This disclaimer also applies to any other product with a glass surface.
• Please note: Cover intended for flat surfaces only.
• Must clean surface thoroughly with alcohol before adhering webcam

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