Marketing Collateral Management All-In-One Solution

Growth is the primary goal in business and successful companies manage a variety of growing pains. Maintaining brand consistency across platforms is one of them.

Brand consistency is not simply an aesthetic bonus - it is directly related to growth. Companies that focus on brand consistency across channels report an average growth increase of 33%.

Brand managers need a marketing collateral management system to assure accessibility to a consistent brand experience across digital channels and in the field.

Gaps in the current digital asset management (DAM) and marketing collateral inventory management workflow may present challenges for brand managers.

Internal online company stores, also referred to as online swag stores, were developed to handle all requests from sales staff and employees for company swag, including apparel, promotional products, trade show giveaways, etc.from one central site. More recently, Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems have been developed for managing a company's image files, videos, creative files, presentations, and documents. Marketers have had to send those needing these products to different sites depending on whether they need physical products or digital files. Gaps in the current digital asset management (DAM) and marketing collateral inventory management workflow may present challenges for brand managers.

A few innovative online company store providers are offering all-in-one solutions for total brand management from one site. A company store provider may be able to provide DAM as part of the overall program at a lower cost or even included for free on one single site (dependent on a company's annual spending).

Read on to learn more about the challenges and solutions for brand consistency using online company stores, digital asset management, and all-in-one solutions.

The Importance of Brand Consistency

For startups or small businesses, the process to establish a brand is clear. As companies grow, brand management gets more complex. Requests for digital brand assets increase quickly.

Without a clear system in place, people who need to use your brand image may download a file from a random web search. They may even revise a branding element without your knowledge.

The sheer number of distribution channels can magnify errors. With search engine caching, inconsistent brand images are almost impossible to reign in after posting.

Brand inconsistency also undermines a company’s marketing and sales efforts. Prospects may become confused. A confused prospect seldom converts to a customer.

For tangible collateral, stakeholders may order branded gear and print items from outside vendors. These items may not meet brand appearance standards. Different vendors introduce complexity for reporting because the marketing staff has to chase down invoices from several sources.

Digital Asset Management Benefits

Are design briefings and endless approval rounds for marketing assets taking up valuable time? Is your design team stressed out, creating dozens or maybe even hundreds of ad variations each month?

Are your graphic artists spending too much time reworking multiple versions of the same digital ad or piece of print collateral?

Digital asset management (DAM) offers a better way. Growing companies reap the benefits of digital asset management portals and software for tracking and storing digital brand assets.

When a company is growing, more stakeholders need access to brand assets. A portal creates a central location for all the brand assets and associated imagery.

The portal's digital asset management tools provide several benefits. The most important benefit is consistency. One official portal ensures that everyone is accessing the correct version of the brand files. Secondly, brand managers have more control over tracking who is accessing digital marketing collateral. 

A digital asset management portal also saves time and money. Staff does not have to field multiple requests for branding assets. For companies with in-house designers, a DAM system is a welcome resource. It frees up time spent on low-level production requests for similar versions of the same asset.

The benefits of a virtual digital asset management system extend to physical collateral as well.

Company Store Benefits

Marketing Collateral Inventory Management & Productivity

Company stores save time by allowing a user to manage their own orders. They don't need to wait for design reviews or approval. Budgeting transparency increases because staff can track orders from one central account.

An online company store can provide marketing collateral inventory management of items warehoused and many items can be produced efficiently on demand so there is no inventory. Budgeting transparency increases because staff can track orders from the one central account.

In the post-pandemic world, people are once again interested in live events. Demand generation marketers are planning in-person events like tradeshows and conferences. The company store can be a hub for ordering sales marketing collateral and branded items.

Company stores are streamlining marketing collateral inventory management as well.

The challenge is that there is still a gap between the DAM and the company store platform as well as the high cost of a DAM system and trying to herd everyone onto different systems. The missing piece is the integration of the two. Growing companies need one seamless solution as part of the brand management toolbox.

All-In-One Marketing Collateral Management

The all-in-one solution for managing brand consistency from digital assets to print marketing collateral is the corporate brand store.

For growing companies, managing all the different people who need access to brand assets is like herding cats. The corporate brand storefront integrates the digital asset management software with the company storefront. 

This creates one central hub for brand asset management. The corporate brand store houses all the online tools and services to make digital and physical brand assets accessible across all channels. 

The brand store streamlines marketing collateral tracking. It controls access levels and permissions. It provides automated approvals and simplifies generating reports. Users can access the digital asset library and images anytime. Marketing retains control over brand standards. Any changes to the brand automatically populate from a central source.

For physical product and print collateral, managing multiple vendors can add extra headaches. Unlike a software-driven DAM, the corporate brand store is the hub for ordering tangible collateral as well.  

Without a single-point solution, managing budgets and gathering up all the reports from multiple sources wastes hours of staff time. The corporate brand store keeps all the reporting in one place. 

Strategic Marketing Collateral Management

A corporate brand store is an all-in-one solution combining digital asset management and marketing collateral management. This not only saves time and money but also ensures brand consistency across all channels.

Another key benefit to an integrated corporate brand store is that it gives talented people in growing companies more time to focus on strategic and creative initiatives. 

With the "Great Resignation" phenomenon, keeping talent is top of mind for companies right now. Creative people don't want to spend hours on repetitive design tasks or tracking down invoices for budget reports. Investing in time-saving solutions allows employees to focus on creative initiatives. 

Do you have a question about how a corporate brand store might help your brand management efforts? Contact us to learn more about Tailored Company Stores' solutions and how to get a free demo store with your logo. It’s a great way to invite stakeholders to test drive an all-in-one brand asset management solution.

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