What is a company store?


Since 2005, Tailored Printing has evaluated and implemented company store e-commerce software solutions. There have been improvements to each platform.

It is our hope that this information will help you evaluate you confirm whether your company is ready for an all-inclusive online company store. This concise information could save you considerable time researching, testing, and finding them on your own.

What is an online company store?

Until a few years ago, the most economical and convenient way to purchase and distribute company branded products was to buy in bulk and store in their own warehouse.

For many companies, an online company store is essential as it is the most economical and convenient way to purchase and distribute products.

An online company store allows buyers to shop all of their branded product in one single site and ship to one or multiple locations. The store and products are setup by the company store provider, Tailored Company Stores, in our case. The provider receives the order(s) via email, prints and ships the products, or warehouses products for future release to various locations. Management, HR, marketing, or employees can order online depending on the best system for your unique company.

The answers to each question have been derived from years of intensive research and experience with industry-wide online store systems.